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Let the Wellness Journey Begin

Editor’s Note: Last week, we introduced a series featuring the journey of wellness guru and golf enthusiast, A.J. Ali, who is traveling through every state in America while playing golf as a way to raise awareness for healthy living.

After losing his father and brother to health-related illnesses and after a close call with a blood clot and pulmonary embolism two years ago, A.J. has dedicated his life to living well and sharing his experiences to encourage others to focus on wellness. This is his second in a series of posts and the beginning of his long and exciting adventure. 

FL Arrival

A.J. Ali, with two Southwest Airlines crew members, officially landed in Orlando to kick off an 101-day wellness tour.

The journey has begun!

I touched down in Orlando, Florida, on Monday, June 16, and I am looking forward to 101 days of travel to all 50 states.

First up to check off the list, getting my Wellness 101 SUV ride (provided by Gen-X Motors) wrapped and ready  to go! I’ve chosen a couple of courses that I’m going to visit while I’m here – Aquarina Country Club and Spessard Holland Golf Course, both of which are located in the Melbourne Beach area. Can’t wait to review them after playing.

It’s incredible to think that I’m starting my journey here in Melbourne, Florida, and I won’t be back here again until I finish up my journey in early October. All of that after logging approximately 12,000 miles by car and another few thousand by air.

This week, I’m also laying the groundwork for a month-long weight-loss and breast cancer education promotion, which will begin in October in Central Florida (also a partnership with Gen-X Motors). Part of the fun in this cross-country adventure is that I get to help local charities raise funds. I’ll be playing in charity golf events and doing other activities to motivate people to give to their local wellness groups. Golf has always been a great community-building sport and I am excited to be a part of it.



Get a few friends together, book a tee time on GolfNow, and walk the course. Then, donate the money you save on your cart fees and discounted tee time to a charity you can all agree on! You can make your foursome a mini fundraiser for the charity while getting some great exercise playing the sport you love.

If you normally ride in a cart, you might find that walking the course gives you a different perspective and appreciation for every shot that you take — not to mention that you’ll burn three times as many calories! If that sounds a little too challenging, start with the cart but alternate riding and walking each hole.

Picture 36

I’ll be parking the Wellness101 SUV in the parking lots of golf courses, schools, healthy food stores and other locations all over America as I teach wellness seminars and spread the wellness lifestyle message, and I would love to see you there! You can find my entire travel schedule and sign up for a seminar or other activity (or get a cool Wellness101 hat!) at Visit and for additional updates on my travels.

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  1. Cindi Cupp says:

    Hi A.J. Please consider coming to Cumberland Trail GC in central Ohio (Columbus) and we’ll have lots of fun and promote Walking Golf! #gnwalkandplay

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