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Michigan Couple Use GolfNow to Book Odds-Defying Round

Last Sunday, a Grand Ledge, Mich., couple defied the odds by scoring not one but two hole-in-ones on the same hole during the same round. The feat occurred on the 16th hole at Ledge Meadows Golf Club near Lansing in Central Michigan.

Tony Blundy, 53, and wife, Janet, 43, were arguably the luckiest golfers on the planet last weekend. The odds of such feat, according to The National Hole-In-One Association, are greater than 26 million-to-1. The odds of hitting just a single hole-in-one are a difficult 12,500 to 1. Blundy said the feat isn’t new for Janet, but for him it is.

“Janet had one on Easter Sunday of 2010 but this was my first,” Blundy said. “You know, it’s kind of crazy, she held that first hole-in-one over my head for five years. I was just happy because I finally caught her but then that lasted only five minutes.”

Hole in One Couple Tony Blundy

Tony and Janet Blundy defied the odds by scoring not one but two hole-in-ones on the same hole during the same round at Ledge Meadows GC in Michigan. Photo by Tony Blundy

Tony said he and Janet have been playing golf together for ten years and this was their best golfing experience so far.

“Obviously I went nuts because that’s obviously the way you do when you hit a hole in one,” Blundy said when asked about his ace. “We were excited, started hooting and hollering and then some people came over and congratulated me. We couldn’t believe it happened. It was a nice shot, hit about a half inch from the cup, bounced up, hit the pin and went it.”

Blundy said the moments following his wife’s hole-in-one were very exciting.

“She said, ‘You’re going to be really mad when I put this one in,’” Blundy said. “She hit a beautiful shot, too. It landed about eight feet from the cup and rolled right in. She pretty much called her shot. We just looked at each other and went nuts again, you know it’s just so exciting and we knew how rare and lucky it was for that to happen.”


Blundy Hole in One 2

According to The National Hole-In-One Association, the odds of hitting back-to-back holes in one are greater than 26 million-to-1. Photo by Tony Blundy

The two said they booked the fateful round using GolfNow, a resource the Blundys have relied on for quite some time.

“Since 2011, we’ve looked at [GolfNow] almost every weekend,” Blundy said. “We use it quite often and we really like it.”

Blundy said GolfNow’s Hot Deals are where he looks first.

“We will continue to use it all the time; it’s awesome because you can get some great deals on there,” he said. “We were on vacation last year and every time we played we used hot deals.”

12 responses to “Michigan Couple Use GolfNow to Book Odds-Defying Round”

  1. Michele says:

    Amazing!! The comments from him literally made me laugh out loud! “I caught her… But then that lasted only 5 minutes!” Great article Zach.

  2. ecotoper says:

    Really ? … who were the verifying witnesses ? … please don’t tell me that they were playing in a twosome together … talk about odds ? … the real odds are that this “feat never really happened” … we are all just being punked by people who are sucking up the spotlight that they orchestrated …

  3. Matt McCollum says:

    LOL jealous much?

  4. Larry Carne says:

    I think your two shots were fantastic, well done. its truely a story you will tell forever.

  5. Tom says:

    It sounds legitimate as others appeared present BEFORE the wife shot her 2nd hole-in-one.
    The husband’s hole-in-one might be suspect if there were no other witnesses during his shot.
    I don’t think that we’re being “Punked” as another commeņtor stated and I like t&t&e humility of the husband even as he celebrated his wife’s hole-in-one.
    Good story, SMART Mare ting GolfNow.

    Tom Black
    Hillsboro, OR

  6. ecotoper says:

    matt … I played high school, D1 college golf and competitive amateur USGA events all my life … I have a bucket of aces, several double eagles, and ran hole in one contests in many tournaments … I’m not jealous, just very suspicious … there is a very specific list of criteria needed to qualify a bona fide hole in one, and a phone camera shot of 2 balls together in a cup does not cut it … the article states that 2 “people” attested to the event, but apparently they were not playing partners … you saw the odds of this 2x ace miracle … 26 million to 1… I am not calling them outright liars, but something other than this story really happened here … maybe aliens landed, hypnotized them, then plunked the balls into the cup, which had a better chance of happening … this whopper will never get into any serious record book in the world …

  7. Mark says:

    Big deal. My wife and I did it last week. Went right through the clown’s mouth, down the ramp and into the hole

  8. OK says:

    When they woke up from this dream, were they still excited?!

  9. Jeff Jordan says:

    ecotoper is an amazing golfer. I hope his incredible talent has gotten him into the golf hall of fame. No, wait. Is he punking us? A bucket of aces? Several double eagles? Phil Mickelson wants to meet the amazing ‘ecotoper’ and get some tips.

  10. rogers says:

    Great job Tony and Janet. Job well done. Now go out and bye a lottery ticket. you guys are so lucky

  11. Stick says:

    Why don’t you give us your real name, so we can contact your high school and college coaches? Give us those USGA events you claim to have played in to verify your TALL story!! “Buckets of of aces and several double eagles”? Maybe you play a lot of Miniature Golf? “I am not calling them outright liars”, well what are you calling them? And maybe your “just stretching the truth”. Odds are your full of a BUCKET of Envy!!! College? I’m not a english major, but it appears you can’t put a sentence together! Kids don’t try this in grammer class … … … … ???

  12. Dennis says:

    Back to Back Hole-In-One’s have happened before. Congress Lakes Club in Hartville, Ohio had a Father and Son hit back to back Hole-in-One’s together in the same foursome. There is a plaque commemorating the feat on the tee box on, I believe, Hole #5.

  13. usgolfregister says:

    This couple did the unthinkable. Registering with National Hole In One Association is always a wise idea. Hittingback to back aces is incredible feat. It requires a lot of luck and skill

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