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Play More, Earn More with GolfNow Rewards

Did you know that the more rounds of golf you play using GolfNow the more money you can save?

Sounds pretty unbelievable, but we never joke when it comes to golf savings! Through GolfNow Rewards – Presented by Clevelang Golf/Srixon, the more rounds you play, the more free golf and gear discounts you can earn. And, all you need to do to sign up is have a GolfNow profile and book tee times at If you already have one, then you’re already in!

For example, let’s say you’ve already booked and played golf five times this year. You may not know it, but you’re already HALFWAY to your first reward. After booking and playing 10 rounds of golf, you’ll receive a coupon for $20 off Cleveland Golf/Srixon golf gear AND $10 off any GolfNow Hot Deals tee time of your choice.


And that’s just the beginning. If you book 100 rounds through GolfNow, you could earn up to $200 off any GolfNow Hot Deals tee time AND $250 off Cleveland/Srixon gear! So, just keep doing the exact same thing you’ve been doing all year. It really is that simple!

If you’ve booked rounds this year but aren’t sure of your rewards status, all you have to do is sign into your GolfNow account to check. Make sure you check your status often because you don’t want to miss out on your rewards!

So keep booking, keep playing and go enjoy what you’ve earned.

– The Daily Tee

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  1. William Cuebas ⛳ says:

    I Love GolfNow !

  2. RayBurner says:

    world’s largest golfing outing be their if not donate just 10 buck’s

  3. RayBurner says:

    donate to WWP.

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