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Quiz: How Well Do You Know the History of Golf?

Test your knowledge of the history of golf with our quiz now!

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2 responses to “Quiz: How Well Do You Know the History of Golf?”

  1. Wiley Elk says:

    why are there bunkers on a golf course ? This is the kind of question I was hoping for when I started this trivia test. Was it, A ) to frame the hole ? B ) to defend the towns, the bunkers were there already and got grandfathered along. C ) to access irrigation junctions with the ability to just fill it in with sand quick D ) all of the above

  2. BigAl46 says:

    Total waste of time if you are interested in the history of the game of golf in the USA or it’s roots in Scotland. Nothing in the questions before the 90’s and too many questions about players and their results.

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