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Up Close with the New


You’ve probably heard about the brand new, and you may even have searched for and booked tee times through the beta version while we put the finishing touches on. Well, we’re finally ready to take the wraps off of our shiny new site and we wanted to show you some of the great features and updates we’ve included to make booking and playing your next round of golf even easier.


New Search Function

First up is an improved, expanded search function. The days of trying to find the course you are looking for solely by “market” are over. Simply enter a specific golf course, city, zip code or location, and the new search will return tee time results for the date you selected. You can also easily find tee times near you, access your previous searches within the search field and customize your search results with the refine and sort options at the top of the results page. A ton of new features, all designed to help you get to exactly the round of golf you’re looking for.


Search By Course  

Search for tee times near you or anywhere else, or go directly to the golf course you're interested in playing.

Search for tee times near you or anywhere else, or go directly to the golf course you’re interested in playing.


Search By City

The new search bar will automatically begin displaying courses (green flags) or cities (blue pins) that match your search term.

The new search bar will automatically begin displaying courses (green flags) or cities (blue pins) that match your search term.


Search By Zip

Know exactly where you want to look? Type in the zip code and start viewing tee times!

Know exactly where you want to look? Type in the zip code and start viewing tee times!


Search by Attraction

Traveling, or plan to be? Search for golf courses near attractions and destinations by entering them in the bar.

Traveling, or plan to be? Search for golf courses near attractions and destinations by entering them in the search bar.


Refine Your Search

Refine your search for number of players in your group, price range, time of day, distance to the golf course and more.

Refine your search for number of players in your group, price range, time of day, distance to the golf course and more.


Find Hot Deals Faster

Want to find the best possible rates on your next round? Or maybe you’re looking to rack up the GolfNow Rewards faster? Either way, we’ve made it quicker and easier than ever to jump right to the Hot Deals tee times. Click the Hot Deals button on the homepage, or flip the switch after your search results are displayed to view only the best tee time rates available.

View Hot Deals from the homepage or from the main navigation.Go directly to Hot Deals and start saving. You can even change the location right up front and see Hot Deals for wherever you're headed.

Go directly to Hot Deals and start saving. You can even change the location right up front and see Hot Deals for wherever you’re headed.


Too many tee times to choose from? Looking for the best deals? Click the toggle and narrow down the results to just the Hot Deals.

Too many tee times to choose from? Looking for the best deals? Click the toggle and narrow down the results to just the Hot Deals.


A Whole New View

There are millions of tee times to choose from—which is why we changed the way they’re displayed. Now you can easily see the course name and available tee times. Once you select a course, all of the times and details are crystal clear. You can even switch the way the listings are displayed by selecting course, tee time or map views. Get right to the one you want and make it yours.

Sort by: Course, tee times or map view.

CourseCourseViewTeeTimesOnce you select a course, the entire list of tee time options is easily viewable, and your next round is just a click away.

Once you select a course, the entire list of tee time options is easily viewable, and your next round is just a click away.

MapSearching by area? Select your view at the top and you'll see the whole range of tee times available in whatever order you prefer.

Searching by area? Select your view at the top and you’ll see the whole range of tee times available in whatever order you prefer.


More Ways to Pay

Already have an Amazon Pay account? Click the button to complete the transaction quickly and simply. It’s one more way to speed up the process and help you get to the golf course faster.

You can also use the guest checkout option that’s now available (but you’ll need to be logged in to your GolfNow account if you want to receive your rewards points for each round).

Select your tee time and use your existing Amazon Pay account for even quicker checkout. Or complete the booking with guest checkout if you don’t have a GolfNow account.

Select your tee time and use your existing Amazon Pay account for even quicker checkout. Or complete the booking with guest checkout if you don’t have a GolfNow account.


Every Round Gets Rewarded

If you already have a GolfNow account and you’re signed in, every round you book on our site and mobile app automatically earns you points toward GolfNow Rewards. No need to enter codes or crunch numbers, no separate sign-in required. Use your account and earn points toward even more golf. It’s that easy.

Easily find your Rewards Status with quick-link to Dashboard

Easily find your Rewards Status with the new GolfNow Rewards Dashboard!

Rack up the Rewards with every round you book and play, and for every golfer in your group. Plus sign in any time to your dashboard to see your available Rewards and how close you are to your next one.

Rack up the Rewards with every round you book and play, and for every golfer in your group. Plus sign in any time to your dashboard to see your available Rewards and how close you are to your next one.


If you haven’t checked it out already, visit the new and enjoy the improved layout, functions and upgrades, all designed to make it easier for you to get out on the course.

Have additional questions? Click here or call us directly at 1-800-767-3574


196 responses to “Up Close with the New”

  1. Jeff Roberts says:

    Where do you find what you get after the first 100 points? All I can find is that 100 points gets you a $10 off promo code. What are the rest of the rewards?

  2. Jim says:

    It looks like they are going back to a point system. Golfnow did this a few a years ago and I my bookings went from 40 bookings a year to less than 10. It looks like that might be the case again. The program in 2015 was a good and I used golfnow for every booking. If the program is just $10 for every 10 bookings I may just be going back to calling the courses direct. Have the Sirixon promos gone away?

  3. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Jeff,Every single time you hit 100 rewards points, you earn $10. For example, if you earn 500 rewards points, you will receive 5 $10 promo codes (total of $50). These promo codes can be used separately or all together at once. Hope this helps to clarify for you!

  4. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Jim, the program is actually $10 for every 10 rounds not bookings. Therefore, you can make 1 booking for 4 players (4 rounds), and receive 40 points (or 80 points if the booking is a Hot Deal tee time). Hope this helps!

  5. John says:

    The classic link is not working on any of your pages?

  6. steve says:

    The new version is terrible. Searching by “golf market” was easy. It was all so easy before, a few clicks and you were on your way. Not now. Thanks You should remember KISS.

  7. Danny Ray says:

    The new site is not good way to hard and takes way longer to navigate. Also even when you find what you are looking for you spend all of you time scrolling up and down a very long page. Please go back to the old formatted website.

  8. jim says:

    The first three comments I read were all negative. Let’s make it four in a row.
    There an old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it” What were you thinking??
    How many people complained about the old reliable system? Probably no one.
    An educated guess is that you will be losing players…..quickly. Too many other
    competitive sites available.

  9. Don says:

    Don’t know who talked you into new website but it’s terrible . Posted tee times and rates are not there when you click on your choice .Classic case of a bait and switch . Booking charges are higher, rewards are lower and navigation is awful. I’m sure the only one who benefited is the company that sold you the software. I echo the remarks of Jim ” If it aint broke donty fix it “.

  10. Jay Budreau says:

    I want the old version back.

  11. Jeff says:

    I like the new site. Much more like the apps.

  12. Ed says:

    This new version is horrible, searching by “market” is much more efficient, this version sucks

  13. Don says:

    I agree with Ed below the new version is horrible, go back to the old one.

  14. Alan Hicks says:

    Al – New site is not efficient at all, at least provide an option to search by market (old Search method). It is hard to believe you think it is better to search individual courses. Give back the ability to search area’s of the city like the previous version had!

  15. frank milella says:

    The new site is terrible. I liked the other site and could navigate through the site very easy. Change back or give us an option. I think your going to lose customers.

  16. Vincent says:


  17. jb says:

    new site is more than annoying. too many defects to mention – you’d have to pay me to get a full list. just revert to the original site design incl full booking history. revert to the original site and don’t change it again!

  18. JC says:

    What kind of moron thought this is an improvement?
    Does your development team (probably outsourced) understand UX (User eXperience) at all?
    I could see more than a dozen tee times per screen in a compact form with all relevant information.
    Now, I can only see 4-5 tee times per screen.
    I need to click more. I need to scroll more. I need navigate through more screens.
    This is a piece of sh!@.
    Bring back the old interface!!! Please test before you deploy, morons.

  19. Vincent says:

    This is so stupid of you to do without proper testing and it will cost you loyal users.Was this an outsourced project? BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MONEY TO YOUR COMPETITION!

  20. brett says:

    not one positive response.this new site is absolutely atrocious. this is going to make me stop using golfnow. I book 50- 100 multi person rounds a year here and this is going to pretty much end my business and the new rewards program is a frickin joke. there literally no reason to use this site anymore

  21. Wendy says:

    new format is TERRIBLE. i can only view courses/tee times in areas that i think of to look for. It was much easier when every course was listed and I could just go down the list no matter what area. Please bring back the old layout.

  22. Dana McCarty says:

    Gee all the sudden golf now is impossible to use i think i will have to go elsewhere for my future golf plans thanks for all the good years though!!

  23. james hackel says:

    I thought it was bad when you offered the new site as an option! I immediately went back to the old site. Now it appears we have no choice! THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!! IT WAS MUCH SIMPLER B4. YOU CHOSE THE STATE, THE AREA , SET YOU DATE(S), AND BROWSED ALL OR INDIVIDUAL COURSES. VERY SIMPLE. YOU ARE M,AKING A MISTAKE WITH THE NEWW FORMAT!!!!!! PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT OR I WILL FIND A NEW WAY TO SEARCH OUT GAOLF COURSES.

  24. John says:

    Please provide option for classic site….it was their for a minute but didn’t work…now it gone all together Also please don’t allow the classic site to revert back to new site after specific time lapse as it’s annoying !

  25. Arni says:

    Agreed won’t be using this site any longer as they won’t listen to their customers but to their programmer

  26. Joe says:

    Who ever authorized changing from the classic site to the beta site and now to the newest f’d up site should be fired.

  27. Jay Mo says:

    Come on Golfnow, who actually gave you advice to re design this site, You made a big mistake. As a business and technology consultant I would have never advised you to go this direction unless there was a financial reason to do so, but even at that you may lose business to other sites which will totally kill any savings you anticipated. The user experience is extremely poor on this new site, the graphics and ease of navigation are totally missing. You missed the mark! If I were you I would roll back to the other site and cut your losses now. Professionally speaking this is horrible.

  28. Paul Kouri says:

    Paul. New site is not efficient at all, at least provide an option to search
    by market (old Search method). It is hard to believe you think it is
    better to search individual courses. Give back the ability to search
    area’s of the city like the previous version had!

  29. Charlie Grim says:

    Terrible- UNUSABLE- Booked over 50 rounds last year- will be ZERO this year.

  30. Michael says:

    After trying the mobile app, and not finding what was so easily accessible from the full website, I vowed never to use the mobile app again. All My bookings were done from home on my computer because the app was so miserable to use. Imagine my disappointment when I start up the website to see that it has been changed to look and act just like the mobile app…I Think it’s time to look at other sites.

  31. Al Baker says:

    I hate to pile on…but this NEW site sux. The OLD design was far better. This appears to be the design of a 20-something AND of somebody who NEVER used GolfNow. My bet is your target audience is mainly men from 35-65 yrs old. WE are not interested in the site LOOKING nice. We want it to be functional and efficient. And I must agree as a web designer/maintenance guy – did you do ANY testing? You should have sent a beta test to 100 GolfNow members for comment. Instead, you are getting comments now.

  32. bripol says:

    totally agree w all comments– terrible upgrade

  33. Hank says:

    Somebody screwed up a perfectly good site. This new one is terrible. Bring back old site!

  34. AgntX says:

    As a long time user, i have to say this is the stupidest thing you guys did! this is just more crap we have to go though, what a waste of time and money, fire who come up with this site!

  35. Moon says:

    Couldn’t agree more. This is terrible. Do they even try their site before launching? Hate to leave golfnow but see no option. There are other sites that do this.

  36. Kenny Hoo says:

    Awful…just awful!

  37. Bill Ferro says:

    What a bunch of morons. So, how much have your reservations dropped since the change? I know I just made my last two reservations directly with the courses, something I hadn’t done in a while. I hope you close shop just due to stupidity.

  38. Ken Hunter says:

    If it is not broke don”t fix it.
    Will be using Tee off .com. Much easier to use

  39. jokuz says:

    From the comments below I believe all was said, why do IT morons think they have to change things that work perfectly fine, if I owned Golf Now I would fire ALL of them, you people are a bunch of idiots, never using again, will book directly from the course

  40. golfnguy says:

    Obviously developed with no user input – a typical mistake by computer illiterate managers. This new interface is TERRIBLE. You need to give users at least an option to use the old interface. If not, then GO BACK TO THE OLD INTERFACE!!!

  41. Toblertwo says:

    Just bad and not useful at all!
    It is chaotic and disorganized.
    No way to see courses in certain area like it was on the left hand side before.
    No way to have an own choice…
    Probably done by an “IT-genius” who never booked a round….
    PLEASE GET BACK TO THE OLD VERSION as soon as possible!
    Book over 50 rounds every year since Golfnow started (!), but shall book ZERRO this year…

  42. MB says:

    This site is in NO way an improvement on the original. In fact, it is many steps backwards. I really appreciated being able to look up a city or area and getting all the available courses listed. Sometimes I was pleasantly surprised when I tried a course I had never heard of because it was a good deal. Now we get just what you throw at us. This new site is definitely not very user friendly. You will lose customers. Hey, remember, Coke was smart enough to realize they made a mistake when they tried to change their main product and went back to the original. I hope you guys do the same. PLEASE!!!!

  43. Ex user says:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The Corporate idiots who approved this change should be fired. You pin heads raised the booking fee’s to $3.50 for this crap…

  44. Charlie Grim says:

    Remember the fiasco of the new Coke recipe in 1985? We now know what happened to the guy behind that, he got a job at Golf Now. At least Coke had the good sense to ditch the new and go back to the original.

  45. k achord says:

    I agree with most all of the previous comments. This change is a big mistake. I hated the mobile app format and I too always waited to use my home computer, now you have forced everyone to use this terrible format. I would think you would be interested in what the people who use your site the most think. Are you listening??????

  46. WARD KELLY says:

    I hate to say but I agree with most of the reviewers. When you first introduced the new site I immediately hated it because it was cumbersome and did not allow me to scan a broad spectrum of courses over a given area easily. Please bring back the classic as an option or I will have to find other booking sites to use. I have been using golfnow for the last four years and have always liked the site. The reviews, many of which I wrote, the maps, the overall functionality of the site. No longer. Very sad.

  47. jim g says:

    Awful! I’ll book with the courses using a google search or another site. It was valuable to see a complete listing of the courses in a given area so that I can try new courses. I would select a course, one-click to read the reviews and if they were good, a couple of clicks to pick and book a tee time. Now, it’s a production to try and identify all the courses, where they are, it took me to google at one point trying to find the reviews…argh. Forget it.

  48. Jerry says:

    I agree with you all, this site is terrible. I have booked many rounds over the past few years but I won’t be using this site unless they revert to the old site

  49. Douglas Jackson says:

    can find NO good comments. Loads faster?????? Still GIGO.

  50. John Remza says:

    Go back to the original. More user friendly. I am trying to book tee times for my vacation coming up. Liked the original. John

  51. Bill says:

    This was no improvement. So confusing. I called support group and every question I asked was replied with “sorry but you cannot do that any longer”

  52. Jeff Wicke says:

    I have been using Golf Now since I retired 2.5 years ago. Until you bring back the old site I will NEVER use Golf Now again !!!

  53. Steve Robinson says:

    Yep, I agree someone screwed up a good site and tried to add too many functions. Use the KISS principle – – Keep it simple!!! oh yeah your stupid for doing this.

  54. DJ says:

    What a terrible site. Old site showed me all the courses in a certain area at a glance. I have been trying to find that for over 15 minutes. I might have to quite using your site for my reservations. Very bad marketing decision on his one.

  55. kdndbd says:

    It was so much more convenient to look at all the tee times that were available in an area at once. Who wants to scroll through every golf course. Waste of time. I could not stand the mobile app now they have ruined the full website.

  56. metrorick says:

    Wow. Mucho ugly site. So let me try to give a few positives before I go negative. First, I’m OK with putting in my zip to get courses within defined mileage radius; Secondly, I do appreciate the options on how to sort selections; But Holy Crap!! 1) I can’t zero in on a course in the HotDeal selection to check on other times, 2) Nor can I just call up all the course in my area for prices unless they’re in the Hot Deals list (really pooched here); and 3) it is one of the most spread out and cumbersome search tool I’ve used. Sorry. If your Executive Team was worth their salaries, they’d make a super fast, super smart decision and reinstate the old system….then fire the top 3 individuals involved with this New Search Fiasco (NSF has a brand new meaning over at GolfNow). However, The Exec Team should also try to go back to the drawing board because your Old Search Tool did need upgrading especially in making you more money through the Hot Deal options.
    This NSF has EVERYONE yelling FORE!!! at you GolfNow. You are hitting EVERYONE with poor tee shots….and a very poor tee time selection system.

  57. Toblertwo says:

    Metrorick -I don’t agree, that the radius is OK.
    Opposite – the radius is another problem, because it is limited to 50 miles only.
    Any course over this limit is not shown – even 1 mile more not – stupid.
    And if I plan to ride 60 miles (?), cannot find courses, except starting over with another location!
    Just bad!

  58. Bud says:

    Very hard to use!!! The prices from column is very misleading! The test group must of had only a few courses in their area. Will be calling the courses directly and bypass this very unfriendly site..

  59. John Mudrock says:


  60. Chas says:

    Do not like it at all,to much waste of time, needs to be simplified, feels like the first time Affordable Health Care was set up.

  61. Florida_Snowbird says:

    If you want to survive as a golf booking organization, you will return to the handy GUI we all loved so much before you implemented this (expletives imagined). The effort required to find what I want using this GUI is not worth the effort. I will look for other sites like golf 18.

  62. Florida_Snowbird says:

    Me too with over 50 bookings.

  63. Florida_Snowbird says:

    This is an upgrade????????? More apt to call it a severe, moronic downgrade.

  64. Florida_Snowbird says:

    Hear! Hear!

  65. Florida_Snowbird says:

    I am so mad at this new version that I could unleash a long stream of expletives at the stupid IT designers and the Golf Now execs who approved this change. I can not describe in polite language how annoyed I am at having to deal with this most awful “upgrade????”. Go back to the old GUI if you value the success your business has enjoyed until now. I see a mass exodus of previously loyal users for other golf booking

  66. Charlie Grim says:

    I have found a solution if you live in Arizona. Go to . It is still Golfnow, but in the old format. works for Florida. So. try your state- it might work.

  67. SMrealtor says:

    terrible redesign unless the goal was to frustrate customers

  68. jh3381 says:

    1 thing to say bring back the old site PLEASE AND HURRY..

  69. Charlie Grim says:

    I don’t know that anyone will see this because rather than fix the site, Golfnow has chosen to hide our feedback, GREAT way to handle it.

  70. Tim Walsh says:

    Are you guys reading the comments on your blog? 67 comments and all are negative towards the new site. Not one positive comment. What a huge mistake changing the best golf booking site out there. Really stupid decision that I hope will go away once you figure out that your bookings are down. It is almost as if you had non-golfers design the interface, wait…maybe that is it! And then you have the nerve to promote it as an upgrade!

  71. Toblertwo says:

    To Charlie Grim – BIG THANKS – seems to work fine – as Long it last…

  72. Jeremy Walrack says:

    Horrible. I will be using now for my rounds in Northern California

  73. Tom says:

    This is absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen. I certainly hope you didn’t come up with this on your own. Get rid of the company that did this. They took you to the cleaners. I’ve made hundreds of tee times with the old site because it was fast and easy. But I am definitely going to look at other sites now.

  74. ozzy says:

    Well after reading through these comments it is clear that it was not me but Golf Now’s inept revamp of a perfectly good web site. Epic fail did you hire the folks who brought us the Obama Care site. Too bad it was a good relationship while it lasted!

  75. C says:

    Good Call! This new site is horrible. Golfarizona worked like a charm. Thank you!!

  76. doug says:

    Awful..terrible..hate it!!!!! i will not use this site again

  77. David Villegas says:

    Don’t get why the change was made!!!! The old site was easy and very user friendly…… Just don’t get it. Please change back to old site or at least give us an option of going back to it.

  78. S Williams says:

    While I appreciate the enhancements made to your site, these changes should have been made as additional options to the previous design. The adage ‘if it ain’t broke…’ definitely applies here. It takes me 3 or 4 times as long to manoeuvre the current site to find the golf ‘deal’ for me as it used to. How is that an improvement?

  79. DJ says:

    Terrible new format, not very intuitive. Cannot search multiple courses, areas, etc. and the format just simply sucks. I have friends & family who live in different cities so it was easier to coordinate a course & time with the older format. I’m trying to be ‘collaborative’ and diplomatic, but seriously, this new site and format is so inefficient, i’m going to use a different service to book my times. Couldn’t agree more with everybody else.

  80. DP says:

    I don’t know how to book for my 3 groups with this new design. It’s terrible.
    It’s taking forever to figure out the choices.
    I will call the courses directly.

  81. rc says:

    Time to go elsewhere…AWFUL !!

  82. David says:

    Looks like you would be returning to the old site. It was king; the new is the jester!

  83. Steven Price says:

    I was wondering if it was just me. Was I missing something and being dumb by not finding the area that this site must have because they took away the classic site version. But nope they took this site backwards. I hope their business is based mainly on hot deals because this site is for morons that can’t simply find the old way to search hot deals which wasn’t difficult. For those of us that wanted the very useful layout they used to have I’m with you I will use this site pretty much not at all. BTW the old rewards system was way better too. If you couldn’t stay in business because of the way it used to be then ok but if that wasn’t the case you have really screwed up over the last couple of years.
    From a now former customer of your business.

  84. Randy says:

    Poorly designed. Very difficult to find courses within a region and view high level characteristics of the course. Very disappointing version – I hope you figure out a way to improve the customer experience.

  85. Jeremy Miller says:

    Bring back the old site!!!!!!!!!

  86. appmanga says:

    Amen. This is my first time trying to use the “improved” site, and it sucks.

  87. Bill Colt says:

    This is just a terrible new site. Please go back to the old site. I can’t find my courses any more. HELP!!!!

  88. sml says:

    this is absolutely crazy…the old site was great…I am looking a other options

  89. beaver62 says:

    last fall when you were tinkering with the new site I wrote in and said it was awful. Have been away for a while and just signed in to see what tee time were available in the phoenix area as we are headed that way in a few days. Of course I am in your new site and I have to agree with many of the comments already posted. This site suxs. I hope you are listening to your customers comments and take the initiative and go back to your former format. It was much easier to navigate that your new site.

  90. Terry says:

    Hate it.Please go back to the old web site.

  91. Don Hollis says:

    This new set up is terrible. This is a classic example of “if it works, don’t fix it” Looks like it is on to EZlinks for me.

  92. 1durham says:

    not happy will go elsewhere

  93. Brian says:

    I like the old format. is it possible to still see/use it?this new one is terrible.

  94. Bill Ferro says:

    Currently there are 89 comments, and though I haven’t read them all, I have yet to see a positive response to the new site. It’s abysmal. I recommend to all that you do what I just did and call them directly to voice your displeasure. Also, I’ve booked directly or used another resource since the change and if they lose enough business they might just wake up and revert back to the old format that worked so well.

  95. Alan says:

    I usually don’t comment, but this is the worst sight I have ever used. I am going to

  96. Kevin Mantooth says:

    This new site is absolutely horrible. I won’t be booking through this site anymore unless they bring back the way it used to be. This is pathetic. I actually liked the way the other courses were displayed on the left. Maybe I don’t know all the names to the courses and I want to try a new course. This takes WAY too long to search on this new site.

  97. Dan says:

    Did Spalding lead the redesign of this site? Awful absolutely awful

  98. taxpayer_forlife says:

    I don’t usually leave comments, however, trying to navigate this new Golfnow site, has me stumped. I am always looking for new courses to play and this new site is a step backwards from the previous version. Please bring back the last version. Not sure how this new site could be considered an improvement. If the site is not returned to the prior version, I will be looking for another online booking service.

  99. Bill says:

    Have booked all my golf through the site for many years. This “improved’ site just made me a former user.

  100. skojoze says:

    This is the worst “upgrade/improvement” that I have ever seen. How did this design even pass QA testing within your own organization? It’s cumbersome as heck to navigate. I want to be able to see a listing of all the courses so that I can possibly choose a new course to play. Epic Fail!

  101. Som says:

    Ha, ha. I just finished giving Golfnow a very disappointing feedback “Share your thoughts” above and didn’t realize there is this blog. I’m so glad to see that everyone is sharing the same thought and feeling I have about this new website – it’s terrible! Unless they bring back the old site, I WILL NOT USE THIS NEW WEBSITE.

  102. Stephanie Stucky says:

    I must join the group and agree with all. Very confusing. I’ve spent a week trying to figure it out but I’ve finally given up. Please go back to the old format.

  103. Wex says:

    I’m done booking on GolfNow. This new version is terrible. What is wrong with these people? Why would you take something that is great, works, and is very popular and replace it with garbage?

  104. michael says:

    Absolutely horrible experience. Have been using this site for about 7 years. If this is what they are going to stay with – I’m saying see-ya

  105. Dean says:

    Will never use this site until it is returned to its old format. I won’t waste my time. I booked over 40 tee times last year. This site is a real mess!!!!

  106. samuelstorns says:

    me too, over 50

  107. samuelstorns says:

    So now I cannot see all the tee times via grid? I have to scroll up and down for everything?

    When I hover over a course name I cannot see the length or slope?

    Looking for other sites to use right meow.

  108. George says:


  109. Onesimus says:

    Very ineffective site…you will lose customer and the opportunity to continue making money due to this change in website design. Good luck!

  110. Onesimus says:

    I agree with this feedback, we used your previous designed site really for this reason…ant find good deals through you anymore due to the changed design.

  111. Marta Grenda says:

    OMFG this is driving me nuts. Absolutely totally hate this so called improved site. Enough to walk away from it after using it every week for 4 years.

  112. Marta Grenda says:


  113. Kirk Croffoot says:

    Have the so called smart people tried booking a tee time with the new site. This is the biggest blunder I have ever seen. If the old site isn’t back up and running in the next few weeks I predict that Golfnow will be out of business. Way to go Golfnow just lost another customer.

  114. dick durbin says:

    the new site sucks!! What a joke!

  115. dick durbin says:

    This format is crap!

  116. Gman says:

    Your shiny new site SUCKS!!!! You took something that worked very well and totally F##ked it up!!!! It wasn’t broke so I don’t know why you saw the need to fix it….well it’s broke now. You guys got too big too fast and now you’re getting sloppy and losing customers.

  117. JH says:

    I agree. Spent quite some time searching for how to get to old site before I started reading these comments. Too bad, The old site was very usable. New site looks cleaner but is UNUSABLE.

  118. stephen mokry says:

    Less buttons and inputs is simple, Most all golfers want to input a date, miles from zip code and pow list all course with one enhancement. , list Hot Deal time and golfer count before I look at tee times for that course….

  119. Mike Davis says:

    Well Golfnow, you have over 100 comments telling you to bring back the previous website. What more do you need??

  120. Toblertwo says:

    Well Mike, as you can see, it looks like it does not bother them at all !
    I wrote some mails to them and got either none or more or less automatic replies only…
    Let’s see if all the guys here, who said they will not book over Golfnow any more in the future, will really act so. If they strongly loose customers, maybe they will react…
    I have signed with other two providers already and even if I should pay more there – as principle, I quit using Golfnow definitely.

  121. rick says:

    i hate this new site , terrible

  122. BT says:


  123. Mike says:

    Unuseable site. I thought it was just on my phone that the site was crap until I signed on my computer. Searched for classic version and nothing. I won’t be back. From the looks of it…I see a lot of positive reviews.

  124. Mike says:


  125. Vincent says:

    Still not listening yet Golfnow management? Here let me remind you – Your new website sucks and you are losing thousands of loyal users a day. Bring back the better user website. The website that we miss so much.

  126. fred says:

    I’ve tried to get help by sending in an email stating all the problem I’m having with this new site, that did absolutely nothing but confuse me more. I don’t know why you would mess up a good site but your going to lose customers. I for one don’t have the time or inclination to take all evening to find a golf course in my area. I will just start calling the courses and booking through them, I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to mess with such a complicated site. If I were you fellows I’d change this back while you still have a site. This thing really sucks, and by reading the other comments here I’m not the only one who thinks the person who designed this new site should be fired. Fred.

  127. crash says:

    terrible, I want to see the list of courses in my area on one page with corresponding prices!

  128. Mick McMick says:

    you’re an idiot, you must work for comcast

  129. Mick McMick says:

    Comcast strikes again. Greed, greed greed. You got a bunch of computer geeks who know nothing about golf or golfers to design this crap. This site was started to get more people to play and to save lifelong golfers a few bucks so they could play more often. You’ve succeeded in ruining everything good about this site. If Arnie Palmer knew what you had in store for golfers, he probably wouldn’t have sold it to you. I used to book 20 to 30 rounds a year. I’m finished.

  130. T Elrod says:

    Golfnow should now be labeled as #LookElsewhereForTeeTimes.
    With atrocious fees, bad rewards, and a horrendous website, you have hit the triple crown.

    Come on and golf18.
    Bring these guys back down from the Ivory tower..

  131. WARD KELLY says:

    I can’t get the date to change…this sucks

  132. Toblertwo says:

    Mr. GOLF!?
    What you write is just crap – are you from the Golfnow? Or just new and never seen the old sites?
    They never offer the same variety of search possibilities and it need to be scrolled XY times more than on the old site.
    The distance of the search is limited to max. 50 miles – already a mile more is not shown – crazy! And if you wanna see course in distance of over 50 miles from your location, you have to change your location (!?) – stupid!
    And there are a lot of other things worst than used to be…
    The grid overview was much easier for to find what you’ve been looking for. And it was everything to be seen on each offered tee time at once – for instance the resident regulation. Now one can see it mostly (and especially in the Hot Deals) on the last page before agreeing with the booking only – if reading the very bad readable “grey” text really exactly – if not, you may book as a non resident a resident tee time and than be forced (to your surprise) to pay more on course because you are not a resident.
    So “Mr. GOLF” please don’t call us who have been booking with the old sites hundreds or maybe all together thousands of rounds babies… do you read me?

  133. Toblertwo says:

    ? :o) ? :o) The comment of Mr. Golf, who called all who criticize the new sites babies – I replied to – was deleted :o) – ???

  134. GOLF says:

    I used the older site a lot. I didn’t realize people searched for courses so far out, usually people have a general idea of where they want to go. You are clearly more of an enthusiast willing to drive much further for a round of golf, without another reason to go somewhere, than I am. More power to you. I searched Dallas, TX because I wanted to golf around Dallas and it worked out fine.

    Most of the complaints I’ve seen are about searching by the market, or the map there used to be. It is not laid out the best but there is a link to “look for a specific destination” where you pick the county, then state, then market just like the old way in that destinations tab.

    Grid overview – opinion not fact.

    Residency rate – haven’t run into that. It shows its a residency rate directly in the tee time list where it shows the prices and times. Won;t argue with you because I could easily be wrong.

    I’m not defending the site, I don’t really care because it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. However the people dropping ‘idiots’ and ‘morons’ are either babies or unintellgent so I sided with caution and went with babies.

  135. Toblertwo says:

    Well, Mr. Golf – to me it is the same category – calling somebody (in a discussion) idiot or moron or baby or whatever… Any kind of complaint that becomes personal – no matter how you are calling the people you are complaining to – leads to emotions. And emotions usually never solve the problem.

    As you can see there is a lot of customers (or former customer, like me – because I definitely quited with Golfnow), who liked the old site.

    I cannot agree with you – the grid overview is not an opinion, but a fact. It included all Information on a very small place and due to that there was much more offered tee times seen on one screen.

    You may have (like me) a strong and fast PC or Smartphone and Internet connection, but there are hundreds of users (especially the older golfers) having now problem, as they can not scroll and change the sites fast enough.

    In ice hockey we used to say the best system is KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) – it is used generally a lot. And the old site with the grid was really KISS.

    I don’t wish anybody nothing bad, but I am convinced that Golfnow will lose, because of these new sites, a lot of customers (especially the older golfers).

    I am missing a lot of good things the old sites have had. As I am travelling around a lot (mostly with 2-3 other golfer-friends) I could very easily plan a round trip in using more or less one screen. Now I need several and even though don’t always get all the information I need and I could get before. Try to plan a round trip from Orlando down to Venice and search for courses… you need to open at least some 4-5 different locations and than scroll and scroll and open new sites etc. – this was all on one screen before.

    I very much valuated your reply, that’s why I have taken time to answer to you. But I definitely cannot agree with you – it is not the same – even thought it looks great and shiny – but, it is cut down and possibly good enough for local golfer now and, as I said there is some danger, like this (yet not solved ) resident/nonresident thing.

    Golfnow seems to be willing to keep this new form, but to me it is wrong, unless they reform it the way it would at least offer the same possibilities like the old. And it definitely does not offer the same possibilities yet….

    Hit ’em long and straight :o)

  136. aganderson says:

    Terrible site, bring back the old site, until they do they have lost my support

  137. McCarpenter says:

    I thought I had found a work-around for this web site redesign disaster by entering a specific city into the search and then changing to the map view. But no, the map does not show all the courses available, and the flags are not very accurate as to location. So you have to enter the specific course you’re looking for, and as said by someone else, you will never see all the courses available.
    Talk to golf course managers–every one I’ve talked to has said Course Trends (the parent company of GolfNow) is a pain to work with. A few have parted ways, and then are given all sorts of pushback. If they piss off their customers and their participating courses enough, at least we won’t have to see that annoying Scotsman on their commercials anymore!

  138. john ekers says:

    Terrible changes, I’m going to tee It’s easier to use and it has plenty of courses for me.

  139. Bill Brown says:

    New layout is awful. Liked the old. Is there any way to continue using the old?

  140. Johnwm1022 says:

    Terrible- no thought given to usability when searching for times first, courses second. Clearly not user tested. Management in a marketing bubble, what else is new?

    The lack of any management response to the incredibly and almost unanimous negative comments is also telling. Is NBC watching?

  141. Mark Van Steenburg says:

    Agreed. Used to use them every week. Have not used them since this junk was released. The old site was great. Somebody needs to be fired…look at your bottom line in 6 months. GOOD BYE GOLFNOW

  142. Thomas says:

    I find this new site to be completely different from the old one which I found perfect. I will have a hard time using this and probably won’t unless it becomes less confusing. you might have just lost a long time customer. BOO……two thumbs down, huge disappointment.

  143. Robert Silva says:

    Can’t agree more new site completely blows!!!

  144. JohnF says:

    I agree, new site suxs. I liked the old tree version where I could find a course my foursome wanted to play. I have been using the site since it was Last Minute Tee times. Also, i’m not going pay a fee if I can call Pro Shop and book the same time. Pro Shops are now telling me that we should call them first for a better deal. My foursome plays almost every weekend. Now we check various clubs sites first for tee times and CALL.

    The new site seems to be more for the occasional players who don’t know golf courses in their area.

  145. hockeyjock says:

    two weeks and it still sucks. Cannot remember my search area. Gives me some place in Kansas or another in Singapore. Get rid of this trash. Somebody sold you on this and they do not know what they are doing !!

  146. duncan says:


  147. duncan says:

    the new website is excruciating. Painful. Disastrous. The only job golfnow has is to provide a functioning website and they done messed up

  148. Debbie says:

    Don’t like it a bit! Like to view other courses at one time not just one. Bring back the old site!

  149. Vincent says:

    I tried to get use to this but it is not working. This change is not good! Bring back the old site.

  150. Don says:

    I must agree that the new version is a step in the WRONG direction. It’s not easier at all! Bad decision on somebodies part.

  151. Toblertwo says:

    For all who wrote here, they’ll book directly with the golf course in the future:
    Found out a very interesting fact. If booking directly with the golf course, by around 50% of the courses I’ve tried in the Orlando area you end up with a site, where the booking is done through Golfnow anyhow (you can even mostly register with same profile you have with Golfnow) and so they still get their about 2.50 per player / booking anyhow…
    In this case, not using the new Golfnow sites does not hurt them at all !

  152. Patrick says:

    I hate this new site. The old site or Classic view was much better and easier to navigate. Someone severely messed up this new design. I will probably stop using this site because it now sucks so much. I used this site for booking reservations all across the U.S.A. , not its junk.

  153. Dr. H. says:

    The new design is terrible regarding interactive design, utility, and ease of use. REVERT TO THE ORIGINAL DESIGN IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! You will lose your entire user base if you do not. Can we be more clear????

  154. Steven C Greco says:

    i will not be using this terrible site,,,, you ruined a GREAT thing

  155. Steven C Greco says:

    Typical Computer geek sitting behind a desk. screwed up a good thing…A-HOLE

  156. john says:

    Is anyone reading these reviews and the survey answers I have sent. I had 75 bookings on GOLFNOW last season and not very interested in using the new site. I find it very much like the mobile app which I hated and absolutely hate this new site.
    Hello? Hello?…is anybody listening?

  157. Bri4444 says:

    New Coke kind of thinking, please bring back Classic and might work out to be best marketing ploy ever!

  158. Jason Macfarlane says:

    These changes are a real disappointment. The time range shown is so frustrating. Show every available tee time and its price. Not a range and the cheapest price in that range. That information is useless.

  159. Dexter says:

    New site is ugly!! Cannot easily find specific course, or specific date/time when looking for a tee time. PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the old site!!

  160. Craig says:

    This is just not going to work, at least give me the option of going back to the old format.

  161. Mick McMick says:

    Does anyone at this point believe that they’re listening? There’s been NO response from the company. I guess “The customer’s always right!” has no application here. No matter how satisfied we all are, it matters not. I won’t be booking here any longer. Maybe if sales drop precipitously, they may get the message.

  162. Brandon says:

    This is the worst site ever. All I get is one option for a Saturday. I used to have options for any day of the week. GO BACK TO THE OLD LOOK. Yall are going to lose all your loyal users. I have been using the site way back when it was Golf 512 and now I will not be booking any times. Great job at losing you loyal users. STUPID

  163. Dexter Francois says:

    So…I thought I was the only one but apparently, there are very few who like the new site. I will not bash you or call anybody names, but I encourage you to bring back the old format. PLEASE! I started playing golf at the age of 35, fell in love with it, and have been booking with Golfnow for the past 4 years with complete satisfaction. I recommended your site to everyone but sadly, I think it’s time to find a new website to book my tee times. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Good luck in the future and if you decide to listen to these reviews, I will be back.

  164. brian says:

    The winter is just about over for me and i’m starting to get ready for the season to find out that golfnow has changed. I do not like this new site. The old site was so much better. I am going to look for a new website to look for tee times. They will lose many more customers as soon as the winter is over and people from the northeast like me start making tee times. I only see one thing happening if they leave this website like this and that is going out of business. What a shame bec i liked using gofnow.

  165. Mike says:

    This is so bad!! Why change a good thing. The new site is absolutely terrible!!
    Go back to the old one or lose all your customers.

  166. bill says:

    Totally agree……………the new site is awful and not nearly as good as the old site. I hope they correct this horrible mistake in judgement and bring back the old site…..Can’t believe the company felt that this new site is better than the old site…..Why, Why Why????

  167. KB3 says:

    Lets give the the person in charge of making these changes a break. I’m sure if everybody gives this a fair chance, let’s say a month or so, We can find something we like. I can barley keep a strait face as I type this, as I have given it a fair chance, and have taken the tour, and this is Coke, changing its recipe to a new improved Coke. We can all remember how that went. GolfNow, please bring back the functionality of the last version.

  168. John says:

    It was not broken and you felt the need to fix it. Now you may find yourself busy in fixing the mass defections of regular customers. Glad to know some fool needed to prove their value in web design. My opinion is the value is less than zero. In the past I have booked 80% plus of all my personal, and work related golf activities through, if this format is the future, I will choose to call and book direct! Good luck, and here is hoping that a company that has been a favorite of mine in the past, quickly realizes the error of this crappy format and returns to the simplified and efficient site format they have had in the past

  169. Dan says:

    I agree. With ALL these Bad reviews why is this site not changed back to the GOOD version. Who the Heck is making this decision?!?!???!!! I ”

  170. Mark says:

    This new site is unbearable. It was bad enough we don’t get a FREE round after 10 bookings, instead we get $10 off. Now you have destroyed an otherwise easy to use way of booking golf reservations. I won’t be returning to the site for reservations unless there is a public apology for this site. Get with it Golfnow!

  171. John Noble says:

    new site is really bad, new rewards program sucks. Booked over 120 rounds last year this year I will be looking at other sites first

  172. angryperson says:

    This new is simply the most unusable, poorly-designed, frustrating abomination of a website that any human has ever conceived or encountered. And it used to be perfectly fine.

  173. Kevin says:

    This new site sucks! I really enjoyed having the list of courses linked with golf now on the left side, divided by the general area they are in. I had the freedom to click around and browse, there is nothing like that with this new one…what a mind blowing downgrade. But hey, we can click this new stupid destinations tab and check out some “top golf destinations”… should I go play in Honolulu or Toronto…Hmmmm

  174. Eric Gliebe says:

    I would spend hours on the site last year researching new courses across the country and it was perfect and now its completely unusable. Real shame

  175. leo says:

    Haven’t played in a few years, used to book all my rounds on this site. What a disappointment. Not only is it unfriendly format now but the deals don’t even seem to be there anymore. Golf is really going down the drain in every way im afraid. Pretty soon only 1% of the people who play now will ever be playing

  176. Ed says:

    I am pleasantly surprised that everyone realizes how bad you web app is. This is an expensive error and it is like you bought a cheap generic web program for hotel reservations and changed the names for golf reservations. If you are going to keep this then fix the navigation and don’t triple space the tee time lists.

  177. tom says:

    This change is horrible so will no longer use site. Much more difficult to book t-times as don’t always remember name of all the locations in my area.

  178. Wayne says:

    Improved layout, functions & upgrades will make it easier to get out on the course; all false statement’s u need to retract and go back to old site!!!!

  179. TheDew says:

    Will someone at Golfnow please read these comments and GET A CLUE, golfers are leaving your site!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. DannyN says:

    Agreed. Was it his idea for the $10 credit instead of a free booking also? I’m off to

  181. Consonare says:

    What a screw up. Haven’t you people heard of Coca-Cola? Don’t be too proud to go back with what you had. Jim~

  182. TheDew says:

    It just gets better and better, I searched for courses near Casa Grande AZ and all it brings up are courses in KANSAS AND OKLAHOMA , YES IT CAN GET WORSE!!!!! UNEFFIN BELIEVEABLE

  183. Golf Course Owner says:

    I run a golf course and the BEST part about this whole discussion thread is that the GolfNow people keep selling a thing where THEY respond to comments on social media about my golf course. They say that I need to be in touch with the golfers that write reviews about my golf course.
    Um people hate your website. How about you respond to that?

  184. Ross says:

    This may be one of the worse website redesigns of all time. spent 2 days trying to figure out what was available in my region and still haven’t booked a round. anyone recommend a different golf booking web site?

  185. David K. Wilson says:

    I’m not a fan of the redesign either. I’ve worked in digital marketing for over a decade, and I can’t see how this is an improvement. Seems like you want to force decisions on users and limit options through the UI. Don’t you understand that users don’t like being herded into only the choices you want to offer? It’s like when fast food restaurants hide their menus and try to force customers to only choose more expensive meal deals rather than ordering what they want. This approach will backfire.

  186. TheDew says:

    Here’s a thought-always do the review of the course you played and ALWAYS include your comments about this ridiculously bad website-the golf courses will see this-maybe that will get Golfnow attention

  187. kaybe says:

    Terrible new site. The old one worked so great.

  188. Phil Schippmann says:

    The new site is a disaster. Tried to look up and compare a few different tee times the way I used to but got frustrated after a few minutes and gave up. The old list of courses by area was so easy to follow, but now they’re promoting destinations. I’m trying to play golf today, why are you showing me courses in Orlando and Vegas?

    I used to spend a lot of time on golfnow checking out different courses, but I’ve booked my last 2 rounds direct with the course and will continue to do so. Sad to say, this site cost them a customer. This is a classic example of a site that looks nice but isn’t intuitive at all.

  189. Phil Schippmann says:

    Could not agree with you more. The old site wasn’t fancy but it was actually good for…. checking out courses and booking tee times. Can’t even use it anymore.

  190. Phil Schippmann says:

    Not sure if anyone at golfnow is paying attention to this, but just wanted to chime in to agree with you both. Searching by market was why I used the site.

  191. Revo Lution says:

    I could not agree more Joe! The new website sucks!! Please give me an option to go back to the old classic site???

  192. AnjinAZ says:

    New site totally blows. I want to compare tee times and prices like the old site could do. Idiots all of them. I can use a map with pins & phone numbers and get better results than what I get here.

  193. AnjinAZ says:

    GolfNow, your days are numbered. Most courses now have their own built in scheduling system that is simple and fast. See ya never.

  194. Toblertwo says:

    Does not hurt Golfnow at all (!), as the most scheduling / booking Systems, courses are using, end up with a Golfnow solution… So they’ll get their fees anyhow!!!
    You can cut them off by phone booking only…
    Just that you know and realize!

  195. Brett Siscal says: is easy, works well too

  196. Russ says:

    Golfnow sucks. They change the rewards policy so you can only use them on bookings 3 days in advance when the prices are up. I have lost interest in this site and now using teeoff instead.

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