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Win Tickets to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard


Spring in Florida offers unbeatable weather for any outdoor activity, including our second-favorite one – pro golf spectating.

We know our diehard readers would never usually take a weekend off the course, but you may have to think about rescheduling your foursome next weekend – or play early – because we have an amazing opportunity for two lucky people to be there to watch golf history in the making.

We’re talking the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard, hosted at the King’s home course, Bay Hill Club & Lodge in sunny Orlando! Tiger has dominated the tournament since 2000, winning an impressive seven times, but every year the API attracts one of the strongest fields of the season so it truly is anyone’s tournament.

We have two pairs of tickets to give away, each good for access to the tournament grounds all week long (Monday, March 17 – Sunday, March 23). Go ahead, pinch yourself – we know it sounds too good to be true, but this is real!

All you have to do is enter a comment below today, telling us who you think will win this year’s tournament. Make sure you comment by 11:59 p.m. EDT TODAY (Monday, March 10, 2014), and we’ll randomly select two winners tomorrow morning. AND, make sure you can get to The Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando for tournament week as travel is not included.

It’s truly that simple, just enter the name of the player you think will take the trophy home in the comments section below and voila, you’re entered to win the tickets.

View information about this year’s tournament here. Must be a United States resident and 18 years or older to enter. See official sweepstakes rules here. Good luck!

– The Daily Tee


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237 responses to “Win Tickets to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard”

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  2. Erik Reynolds says:

    Dustin Johnson

  3. tom says:

    Rickie fowler

  4. George says:

    Matt Every

  5. Tiger woods says:

    Tiger woods

  6. Þórir Guðmundsson says:

    Tiger Woods

  7. Rob Rez says:

    Tiger Woods

  8. Eric Dichtas says:

    Tiger woods

  9. Sal says:

    Tiger Woods if his back holds out “???

  10. Bill King says:

    Bubba Watson

  11. RPM Lake says:

    Tiger Woods

  12. Bob Daly says:

    Tiger Woods!

  13. Clare says:

    Z. johnson

  14. Ron says:

    Bubba Watson

  15. William Perkins Jr says:

    Jason Dufner!

  16. Steve says:

    Bubba or Dustin

  17. William Nettles says:


  18. Ron says:


  19. Mike says:

    Billy Horshel

  20. Matt says:


  21. Harvey says:

    Zack Johnson

  22. Steve Dickey says:


  23. cjm1009 says:

    Keegan Bradley

  24. Corey says:


  25. Chris Padgett says:

    Bubba Watson

  26. Tommy Brown says:

    Brandt Snedeker
    Great Field for a Great Tournament. Hosted by a Great Golfer and an even Greater Man-Arnold Palmer. The Bay Hill Invitational

  27. Bubba Watson says:

    I am looking forward to the big smile on Bubba Watson’s face when The King presents him with the trophy.

  28. Jen Meadows says:

    Always a mickleson fan!!

  29. BrianBH says:


  30. Patrick Mahoney says:

    Dustin Johnson.

  31. LGat says:


  32. whamrick says:

    Bubba Watson

  33. Julia Capoverdi says:

    Bubba Watson

  34. Lonestar70 says:

    Great place to watch a tournament

  35. rory mcllroy says:

    Rory mcllroy

  36. Bud Minor says:

    Bubba Watson

  37. Peteg8sc says:

    I think Bubba Watson will win. With Tiger having some back issues, I’m not sure how much of a factor he will be. Bubba came on strong Sunday at Doral and I feel like he has a great shot at winning at Bay Hill.

  38. daniel says:

    always fan golf

  39. golfergal says:

    Tiger woods if he is well.

  40. Matt Cannizzaro says:

    Zack Johnson. He has the game for that course.

  41. golfergal says:

    Zack Johnson if Tiger woods is not well

  42. Claytonvx says:

    Jason Dufner will bring home the victory

  43. Doug43 says:

    Adan Scott looks good, but I think Bubba will come up from a bad first day.

  44. Marysue says:

    Keegan Bradley…..too bad for Tiger his back won’t be ready to go

  45. Phil says:


  46. Tony LaBriola says:


  47. Tony LaBriola says:


  48. Mike C. says:

    This is Tigers course. I think he takes it.

  49. Joyce Pool says:

    Bubba Watson

  50. Greg says:

    Bubba Watson

  51. Louis Malofsky says:

    Tiger Woods

  52. Chuck DeRock says:

    Matt Kucher

  53. says:

    Bubba Watson

  54. Ron Yost says:


  55. Eric Millar says:

    Jimmy Walker

  56. michelle welton says:

    Graeme McDowell

  57. Grant Thomas says:

    J Duff takes the cup!

  58. richard morgan says:

    Patrick Reed

  59. Gary Flynn says:

    G Mac

  60. jep says:


  61. Sylvia says:

    Rory McIlroy

  62. Ryan Stanyard says:

    Bubba Watson

  63. Rick Sanders says:

    With Tiger ailing, have to go with the top 5 in world, Patick Reed

  64. Ryan Oakley says:

    Tiger woods

  65. Skelooch says:

    Phil Mickelson

  66. Dan Heine says:

    Jimmy Walker

  67. vicki says:

    Rory is gonna take it

  68. BUBBA WATSON says:


  69. Bob Kester says:

    I think it’s time for Justin Rose to be at the top again.

  70. Ellie3 says:

    Tiger Woods

  71. J.P. says:

    Tiger tiger woods yall

  72. Andrew Simpson says:

    Harris English

  73. Ed Porter says:

    Dustin Johnson

  74. general929 says:

    Jordan Speith

  75. Howie Wright says:

    Bubba Watson should take it all!

  76. Andrew Mitchell says:

    Rory McIlroy

  77. Rafael Melendez says:

    Tiger Woods this year!!! GO TIGER!!!!!

  78. Julie says:

    Jason Dufner! Cool….calm and collected!

  79. Susan Puls says:

    Bubba is on his way

  80. Jim Schott says:

    Rory is this close. Time to break through on a course that suits his game.

  81. jerrod says:

    I’ll take little zachy johnson

  82. Mark Wroblewski says:

    Bubba Watson

  83. Jdogg23 says:

    Justin rose is my pick

  84. Jean J Leduc says:

    Bubba all the way

  85. Kyle Wiley says:

    Tiger owns this place, hurt or not he’s the favorite. I’m looking forward to seeing the top 5 in the world battle to the end.

  86. William Cuebas ⛳ says:

    Mr. Tiger !!!!

  87. Eric says:

    Justin Rose

  88. Teddy willems says:

    Bubba Watson will be victorious!!!!

  89. Graeme McDowell says:

    McDowell’s game is rounding into form.

  90. Gabriel Smither says:

    Rickie Fowler will not have to worry about keeping up with Tiger this year in the final round for the win.

  91. joe stephens says:

    joe stephens
    zach johnson willwin this one

  92. Jesse Maxwell says:

    Hunter Mahan’s year. I’m gonna be in Orlando this week, who wants to golf a round?!

  93. Midelgi Fernandez says:

    Go Tiger!!!

  94. Paul West says:

    I went last year and had a great time! Look forward to going again.

  95. Jesse Ranto says:

    Rory McIlroy

  96. Mark says:

    Bay Hill will require the golfer to be focused and a willingness to take risk or two. When I think of those requirements the first golfer than comes to mind is Tiger Woods.
    He has been playing very well and knows this course better than anyone.
    Tiger over Phil by two.

  97. Sean mcnamee says:

    Justin Rose

  98. Catts says:

    My father and I seem to disagree but it has to be Bubba. He feels it is Kuchar but we will see.

  99. John Geddis says:

    Patrick Reed

  100. J Olliver says:

    Bubba Watson is due

  101. Connie Dunham says:

    I am hoping that Tiger Woods will win. My six year old really loves golfing and wants to golf like Tiger.

  102. Michael Feland says:

    Thinking it will be a new face. Dustin Johnson or Jason Dufner.

  103. Dwayne Bacchus says:

    Tiger will win Arnie’s tournament again

  104. sally Richards says:

    This is Tiger’s tournament. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t bring his A-game and win!

  105. Tom says:

    Jason Duffner will win this year.

  106. kevin epifanio says:

    zach johnson wins by1

  107. Tom Pieper says:

    Bubba or Spieth

  108. Kathy Christensen says:

    I like Bubba Watson

  109. Terry Adler says:

    Patrick Reed! He said himself that he is a top 5 player!!

  110. BM says:

    I think Tiger will be healthy for this as well. OD on the cortisone if he has to.

  111. Deron Sizemore says:

    Tiger Woods.

  112. Carole says:

    I think Dustin Johnson will get it back together.

  113. Mark Hollingworth says:

    I think DJ will win over Bubba in a playoff. Two bombers of the ball trading blows!

  114. W Greb says:

    Tiger Woods

  115. Paul N. says:

    Dustin Johnson (on the course) Arnie(off the course)

  116. DaveVal says:

    I would like to see Phil play well

  117. Dw says:

    I’m thinking Tiger, his back pain subsiding enough for him to participate !

  118. Jeff Wojcik says:

    It’s hard to bet against Tiger So I am thinking Tiger Woods

  119. Ken Golfnut Stankiewicz says:

    Jason day will be the winner.

  120. Alan Adams says:

    I’m taking the field over Tiger. I know he has dominated this tourney over the past few years, but back injuries don’t just go away in 2 weeks.

  121. Jordan B says:


  122. Janet Ball Adams says:

    Maybe Patrick Reed is on a hot streak. I’ll pick him.

  123. Hal says:

    no offense to tiget, but his back isn’t great, so I’m taking anybody else

  124. Kevin May says:

    Tiger Woods

  125. Bubba Watson says:

    Bubba Watson should do well. He is such a long hitter.

  126. Jim Gardner says:

    I am going with Bubba. Tiger has a bad back

  127. Thomas F says:

    Bubba Watson. He’s striking the ball well this year. Win #2 on the season

  128. Tom says:

    Gary Woodland – He won’t even need his driver.

  129. Ted Smith says:

    Matt Kuchar is my pick.

  130. Zimpat says:

    Tiger Woods

  131. Carrie Manahan says:

    Phil for the win

  132. Gary Grant says:

    Bubba Watson is my choice.

  133. Amanda Frush says:


  134. Joe D says:

    Mr excitement Jason Dufner got to love him

  135. Dustin Johnson says:


  136. Michele says:

    Dustin Johnson since Tiger’s back is still bothering him.

  137. Eldon Lindstro says:

    Graeme McDowell is my choice

  138. Tiffany says:

    I’m going with Phil

  139. Tiger Will Win he loves Bay Hill!

  140. MaysC says:

    I’m going with Hunter Mahan!

  141. BillHoll says:

    Phil Mickelson

  142. Tyler Hobson says:

    Tiger the man the legend!!

  143. Rich says:

    Jimmy Walker

  144. JanC says:

    Phil Mickelson is the man to win this years Invitational!!

  145. muckNUTZ says:

    Patrick Reed

  146. RudyF says:

    Tiger Woods will surely win the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented ny Mastercard!!

  147. Adam Kowalski says:

    Dustin Johnson makes the right adjustments to get the win.

  148. Danny says:

    My heart is with Phil and Tiger owns this tournament but I’m going to pick Jason Day!

  149. Mag says:

    I like Jason Dufner to come through with a win.

  150. Tony R says:

    Tiger will win

  151. king says:

    I like the youngster, Reed to say bye, bye tiger.

  152. Jonathan Pimpas says:

    Tiger Woods!

  153. Brian says:

    Rory McIroy is the winner

  154. Dan Shipley says:

    Tiger Woods I think tiger will rest his back and overcome his confidence issues and pull off the win getting him more ready for the masters

  155. Chris says:

    Tiger Woods if his back holds up!

  156. Liz says:

    Tiger’s due; hopefully the back will be ok.

  157. Greg says:

    Tiger will win!

  158. Bob Willis says:

    I think Zack Johnson has all the tools and skill’s to win

  159. Jimmie Stone says:

    Hopefully Tiger plays like he did Saturday and wins it. He can sleep in and enjoy the short drive to the course

  160. waterhead53 says:

    babba Watson- hes an Orlando resident – playing well !!

  161. Edward Carey says:

    Jason Dufner

  162. waterhead53 says:

    Patrick reed- he reminds me of a very able 23 yr old , with all the great golfers in the fields he fits wright in, I would go on & make a tee time for us both, love your site, less go play, my favorite site barr none !!!!!!!!!

  163. Jay1022 says:

    Patrick Reed will follow up Doral with win.

  164. Dave says:

    Tiger will roar again @ Arnie’s

  165. Matt says:

    Ian poulter going to impress with his dressing ability, and knock down a big putt or two.

  166. Bea Erickson says:

    Rory McIllroy will take the trophy.

  167. Charles Amato says:

    Tiger is a good bet I think J

  168. Craig P says:

    Because Tiger is injured, I pick Dustin Johnson

  169. Ronnie Banks says:

    Tiger will win! Hopefully!

  170. PAJOE says:

    Rory is my prediction

  171. Tommy Horton says:

    Tigers wins for time in 2014.

  172. Stacey D says:

    Hope it’s Phil!!!

  173. Vanne Walker says:


  174. Jennifer Chew says:

    Bubba Watson!

  175. debbie says:

    Tiger will win 🙂

  176. Jean says:

    David Hearn

  177. Elevated Game says:

    There will be a ever familiar “Tiger” roaring at Bay Hill again this year. #8

  178. mundo says:

    tiger all the way

  179. Alex Boduch says:

    Tiger. Warm up for the Masters.

  180. David Santos says:

    Russell Knox…mainly to be different because the majority of the people seem to be picking Tiger Woods. But, Knox was a very solid player on the Tour last year and is off to a good start on the PGA Tour this year.

  181. Zack Johnson says:

    its the Zack attack!!

  182. Gene Robertson says:

    Dustin Johnson, he’s playing well!!!!

  183. John Wilcox says:


  184. justin says:


  185. T J says:

    dustin johnson

  186. crabbyduffer says:


  187. golfnguy says:

    Patrick Reed

  188. bdaddy says:

    Bubba is the man

  189. Matthew Mitchell says:

    Tiger Woods

  190. Tiger Woods says:

    Eugenie Maxwell

  191. Troy Cuff says:

    Tiger wins on his home course!

  192. 1973Hog says:

    Patrick Reed is hot right now.

  193. Rod Thomas says:

    Dustin Johnson is my Choice

  194. RC Thomas says:

    Phil Michelson in a playoff

  195. Omair Shaikh says:

    Tiger Woods

  196. Spudley Chambles says:

    “Dufus” Dufner – War Eagle

  197. Ed H says:

    G-Mac, for sure

  198. John Davison says:

    Jason Day

  199. Tiger says:


  200. Brock says:

    Jordan Spieth

  201. Brock says:

    Lee Westwood

  202. Josh Roberts says:

    Bubba Watson!

  203. al millar says:

    hunter mahan

  204. John Husocki says:

    Jordan Spieth

  205. Lucky guess says:

    Dustin Johnson is due

  206. Tony says:

    Henrik Stenson

  207. ron frassetto says:

    tiger woods

  208. Ryan says:

    Tiger Woods, who else…. No one knows the course better than him.

  209. Ed says:

    Bubba Watson

  210. David says:

    Tiger Woods

  211. Donald says:

    Rory McIIroy

  212. Arnie says:

    Jason Dufner

  213. Jared says:

    Graeme McDowell is my bet on a winner.

  214. Henry says:

    Phil Michelson!!

  215. Murph says:

    Patrick Reed

  216. Barbara says:

    Bubba Watson

  217. Tony Del Cid says:

    Zach Johnson

  218. Ed Caballero says:

    Without question Tiger Woods will win the Arnold Palmer tournament.

  219. Justin says:


  220. Tiger Woods says:

    Tiger Woods

  221. Diane Long Wood says:

    Tiger Woods

  222. Jack Williams says:

    Jason Dufner will bring this course into submission, along with the field.

  223. KingOfTheCitay says:

    Russell Knox!

  224. Mike Patterson says:

    Tiger woods will win. I believe he “owns” this course..

  225. Lee Cruz says:

    I believe the winner will be Tiger Woods

  226. John says:

    Tiger Woods. Who else!

  227. Bill says:


  228. randall says:

    Jason dufner

  229. Susan Greene says:

    Hello, are you sharing who the winners were??

  230. GolfNow_Blog says:

    Hi Susan. Yes, we will be sharing the winners of the ticket giveaway very soon. Stay posted! Thanks!

  231. GolfNow_Blog says:

    We are excited to announce that our lucky winners are Joyce (@Joyce Pool) and Michael (@mundo). Congratulations and enjoy the tournament. Keep reading for more great chances to win tickets and prizes! – The Daily Tee