GolfNow Announces Winner for “Play Ireland with Graeme McDowell” Sweepstakes

The entries are tallied and out of the thousands of golfers who entered, one lucky winner is heading across the pond to enjoy a round of golf in Ireland with Graeme McDowell.

Join us in congratulating Zachary S. from Decatur, Ill., as the winner! We caught up with Zachary after he received the great news for his thoughts on winning the grand prize.

“It’s just so crazy,” Zachary said. “It doesn’t seem real. I guess someone has to win but you never expect it to be you.”

Graeme Winner Zachary S

An avid golfer with a single-digit handicap, Zachary said our latest sweepstakes really appealed to him both for his love of golf and for his fascination with the history of the game.

“I thought it was very cool,” Zachary told us. “I knew about the Keegan Bradley one awhile back, and I put in for that one, as well. This one seemed more my style. The trip to Ireland is what really drew me in. I’m a big fan of golf history and links golf in general. I was like ‘wow, that would be really great if I won that.’”

The Play Ireland sweepstakes allowed contestants to enter once per day but Zachary only entered a few times.

“I follow a lot of golf blogs on the internet so that’s probably the first place I saw it,” Zachary said. “And of course I saw it on the commercials on TV a bunch. Probably the first time I entered was the end of May. I did the Twitter and Facebook entries, as well but only entered once or twice.”

Zachary said the aspect about the trip he is most excited about is getting to meet Graeme McDowell.

“Seeing a major winner like Graeme up close is what I’m most excited for,” Zachary said. “His short game, seeing his putting and just being in awe of how good these guys are from 100 yards and in and around the greens, just how pure they hit the ball, it’s all so cool. I’ve been to PGA TOUR events where you can’t get too close but I mean I’ll get to stand right next to him when we play, so that will be cool to watch him hit those shots from up close.”

Sweeps winner

The trip is also a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience that Zachary can’t wait for.

“I first said to my wife, ‘this is a golfer’s dream come true,’” Zachary said. “If I was planning a golf trip and picking a tour event, playing with a tour player, and going to the UK or the Islands where golf was basically invented, this would be it. It seems too good to be true. It’s surreal. I’ve been sitting this entire interview with a big smile on my face. It’s awesome.”

Zachary’s choice of beer to enjoy with Graeme after the round of golf? “Guinness or maybe a Black and Tan.”

Last Chance to Enter GolfNow’s Play Ireland Sweepstakes!

Today is your last chance to enter GolfNow’s Play Ireland with Graeme Sweepstakes for a chance to win an unforgettable trip to see the 2016 Irish Open as a guest of Graeme McDowell!

You and a friend could be on your way to Ireland to watch the Irish Open, play a round with G-MAC, and receive new gear and apparel from Srixon/Cleveland Golf. You can enter to win daily, so even if you’ve already entered, enter again to improve your chances of winning! Plus, tell your friends and family to enter today, and maybe you’ll land the spot as their traveling companion if they win.

We’ll soon be notifying our Play Ireland sweepstakes winner by email exclusively, so make sure to check your inbox regularly. Maybe even check your spam folder for good measure. This is one message you won’t want to miss!


Good luck!

Happy Birthday G-Mac!

Happy Birthday to Graeme McDowell! We’ve been fans of G-Mac for donkey’s years. In honor of G-Mac’s 36th birthday, we wanted to share his tips for speaking like a true native of Ireland. These phrases will come in handy if you are the lucky winner of GolfNow’s Play Ireland Sweepstakes, where you and a friend will fly to Ireland and attend the 2016 Irish Open as special guests of Graeme.

Here are a few colorful Irish terms and phrases that you may like to familiarize yourself with:

bang on – Similar to saying “spot on.” Right or correct.
“You were bang on when you said I should enter the Play Ireland Sweepstakes.”

craic – Craic (pronounced “crack”) means fun, enjoyment, or excitement. This expression is an informal way to say “How are you?” or “What’s new/happening?” Often expressed as “How’s the craic?” or “What’s the craic?”
“We got to play a round of golf with Graeme McDowell. It was great craic!”

acting the maggot – Fooling around or acting in a non-serious manner.
“They all thought I was acting the maggot when I told them I won a trip to the Irish Open.”

knackered – Very tired. It can also mean broken beyond repair.
“That flight left me knackered, but I can’t wait to share a pint with G-Mac!”

the jacks – The restroom.
“Before we hit the links again, I’m off to the jacks.”

You’ll also get to play a round of golf and say sláinte (pronounced “slawn-sha”) as you share a pint with Graeme. Try out your new equipment from Srixon/Cleveland Golf in the “ould sod” and you’ll be able to “spin a yarn” to all your friends and family about this trip of a lifetime.

Check out the video to learn some Irish phrases and don’t forget to enter daily for your chance to win GolfNow’s Play Ireland Sweepstakes.



Win a Trip to Ireland with Graeme McDowell

Remember that time you and your friend watched the Irish Open, played a round of golf with Graeme McDowell, and then you all enjoyed a pint together? Oh, right. That was a dream. Luckily, GolfNow is all about making dreams come true!

GolfNow’s Play Ireland Sweepstakes presented by Srixon/Cleveland Golf will award one lucky winner and a friend the trip of a lifetime to Ireland to see the 2016 Irish Open as Graeme’s guests. Plus, you and your guest will enjoy a round and a pint with G-Mac himself.

Enter to Win the Play Ireland with Graeme Sweepstakes and you could find yourself at Carton House Golf Club in Maynooth, Ireland. Photo courtesy of Carton House GC

GolfNow says it’s thanks to the collaboration with terrific partners like Srixon/Cleveland Golf that it is able to offer unique experiences for golfers at the game’s most exciting venues. The Play Ireland with Graeme Sweepstakes grand prize winner will also receive:

  • Round-trip airfare for two to Ireland
  • 7-day hotel accommodations
  • Srixon/Cleveland Golf clubs and apparel
  • An additional round of golf at a GolfNow course
  • Rental car
  • Spending cash and more

Daily instant winners will also receive Srixon/Cleveland Golf Reward Cards or cash credits throughout the duration of the sweepstakes.

Participants can enter once daily through August 17th and discover more ways to earn additional entries by visiting Be sure to enter today for your chance to win a trip to “the Emerald Isle” to see the Irish Open and hang out with G-Mac!




Start Your Journey to Better with GolfNow Rewards

“There’s never really a ‘good enough’ in golf. There’s always better… We’re always on the journey to better.”                                                                                                                                                                     – Graeme McDowell

Ahhh, driving to find perfection in an imperfect-able sport. It’s the elusive chase for the perfect round and the reason why so many of us just can’t get enough of golf.

Graeme and sponsor Cleveland Golf/Srixon hit the nail on the head with their mission to help golfers on their “journey to better,” because we are all constantly striving to improve.

GolfNow wants to help golfers on this journey, as well, which is part of the reason why we’ve partnered with Cleveland Golf/Srixon to offer one of the best reward programs in all of golf.

GolfNow Rewards – Presented by Cleveland Golf/Srixon

Launched on January 1, 2014, this new rewards program offers golfers the chance to earn even more rewards like FREE golf from GolfNow and DISCOUNTS on golf gear from Cleveland Golf/Srixon. Plus, the perks don’t stop at 50 qualified reservations either – we’ve added more rewards for our most loyal golfers to help them on their journey to improve, shot by shot, round by round.

How it Works

The more you play, the faster you’ll earn amazing benefits, including up to $200 off a Hot Deal tee time at GolfNow and up to $250 off merchandise from Cleveland Golf/Srixon.

What You Can Earn

The more you play, the faster you’ll earn these amazing benefits:

Table Graphic NEW

So, what are you waiting for? You can do this and we can help you. Learn more about GolfNow Rewards – Presented by Cleveland Golf/Srixon.

Get ready – your journey to better begins here. Click on the video below to hear more from Graeme McDowell about his journey to better.

Journey to better

Featured image courtesy of Cleveland Golf/Srixon.

The Best Golf Round Ever

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play a round of golf with PGA TOUR golfer and 2010 U.S. Open Champion Greame McDowell, here’s a first-hand account from three lucky golfers who had the chance to tee off with G-MAC himself on Wednesday.

McDowell’s home course, Lake Nona Golf and Country Club in Orlando, Fla., made a serene background for the 18-hole round that David Wick, Bill Cuebas and John Ardary will not soon forget. Representing some of GolfNow’s most-loyal golfers, David, Bill and John were given the opportunity to play with McDowell as part of a surprise customer appreciation experience offered by GolfNow and Cleveland Golf/Srixon.


Representing some of GolfNow’s most-loyal golfers, John Ardary of Prospect Park, Pa., Bill Cuebas of Wesley Chapel, Fla., and David Wick of Lake Mary, Fla., were given the opportunity to play with Graeme McDowell.

Bill, a Tampa native, said meeting and playing golf with the Northern Irish pro was like being on a roller coaster. “I was so excited. He was so cool, but it didn’t matter – I was a wreck,” Bill said. “I was so nervous I forgot to put my golf shoes on until after we played the first few holes.”


Bill, David and John watch as G-MAC tees off at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club.

All three admitted that they were nervous at the beginning of the round, but after a few holes, Graeme’s warm nature, fun-loving sense of humor and helpful pointers put them at ease. He willingly took goofy pictures, signed scorecards and even called John’s son at college to tell him that his dad was playing well.

“I had no idea how funny he is,” Bill said. “He was one of the boys, and it was as if we were friends that hadn’t seen each other in a while.” David, a resident of Lake Mary, Fla., agreed: “It was just like playing with one of your buddies. Well, if we had a buddy that was one of the best golfers in the world!”


At each tee, McDowell gave the group tips on how to play the hole at his home course.

As the group played through one of the most naturally beautiful and exclusive golf courses in Central Florida, they encountered perfect warm Florida weather and even a few deer.

At each tee, McDowell gave them a few insider tips on how to play the hole. If there was an errant shot, McDowell was quick-witted to lighten the mood: “I think that one landed in Henrik Stenson’s backyard.” And he was gracious, offering to stand in the bunker to demonstrate how he would set up for the shot, letting the other stand in his footprints to hit. Following the round, McDowell even invited the guys to have a beer with him at his restaurant, Nona Blue.

“The best part of the day for me was just watching Graeme play,” David said. “Until you get that close to someone at that level, even if you’re a decent golfer, you can’t understand just how good a top PGA TOUR pro really is. I thought I knew – I didn’t.”


During the round the group exchanged stories, Graeme offered swing tips and helped read shots.

John, David and Bill all agreed it was “a round to remember,” “absolutely perfect from start to finish,” and “over the top – much more than I ever expected.”

“Did you ever see that movie City Slickers?” David explained. “There was a scene where the characters discuss and compare the ‘best day of their lives.’ Well, short of the day I got married and the birth of our daughter, Wednesday tops my list.”


Bill, David, Graeme and John having a beer to commemorate the incredible day.

To learn more about GolfNow’s great loyalty program, visit


Feature image courtesy of Lake Nona Golf & Country Club.